Sock Knitting on a Round Loom: Pattern and Tutorial

If you find making the heel or toe of a sock to be quite tedious, then knitting tube socks using a round loom would be a perfect idea for you. The variety of stitches that goes into its making, gives the socks a cool appearance and one of the easiest patterns for those new to knitting.

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Loom Knit Baby Socks Instructions

These red and white socks would be a perfect gift for your little munchkin who is all set to enjoy his or her first Christmas. You could even attach a red pompom to the sides for a unique look. Knit in the basic stockinette stitch on the loom, you can try your hand at two-color loom knitting with this one.

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Loom Knit Slipper Socks Pattern

Slipper socks are ideal to keep your feet warm when indoors. To make it into a real pair of slippers, you can stitch faux leather to the sole using the blanket stitch. If you are planning to give it away in Christmas, then knit it using green and red yarn to add the festive feel.

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Loom Knit Toe Up Socks Pattern

Knit using the purl and e-wrap stitch, this pretty pair of toe-wrap socks would be a boon to keep your feet warm in the chilling winters. If you are a pro in knitting and crocheting, then you could perhaps crochet a small, white flower and stitch it on top of these purple socks. You are free to try other color combinaions of course.

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